Thursday, 30 March 2017

Update on Third bridge bridge construction - 30th March 2017

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The Dijara and Tshaa (Xanagaie) Campsites are no longer open due to licensing issues and so, we have moved just a few kilometers down the road and have rebuilt the DIZHANA campsite.
(which is fully licensed).  The team have started cleaning and fixing and building. Campsites are open from 1st April.

The good news is that the campsites have their own ablutions (with donkey boilers) and are in the same area and have the same wildlife opportunities as Dijara and Tshaa were.  
The better news is that ANDRE will be there as Campsite Manager!

Botswana Footprints does all bookings - Andre and Pierre run the campsites and manage the staff - The Mababe Trust staff clean and manage the ablutions and grounds.

We will be reissuing all paid invoices with new Vouchers (showing the new GPS co-ordinates) 

Our Booking sheets are now open again and we look forward to sharing the beautiful Khwai and Mababe areas with you.

CONTACT DETAILS FOR DIZHANA CAMPSITE : (but we wish to eventually fade this out) (coming soon!)

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Friday, 1 April 2016

The Delta annual flood has arrived!

The flood has arrived!!
This is a shot of the Okavango in all its words can describe the beauty of this place at the moment! The annual flood is looking promising at this stage and the water has risen by almost 50cm in the last few days close to where the panhandle meets the alluvial fan.
It was an absolute privilege to fly low over the delta last week as we made our way from the Abu airstrip in the south west, flying low and dodging rain clouds as we made our way up north east and on into the Linyanti. Here we flew over one of the most incredible spots in the Okavango, a place called Xigera lagoon and one fantastic swim spot too!#Okavango #Botswana #Xigeralagoon