Thursday, 26 July 2012

Road Conditions June 2012

Botswana Road Conditions  June 2012

Maun to South Gate

From Shorobe to South Gate Via Mawana Vet Fence Is Very Bumpy and Corrugated. The  Grader is still broken. It is also very bumpy and corrugated from Mawana Vet Fence to Mababe.

South Gate to Xakanaxa

Is not bad, A little Bumpy and Dusty.

South Gate to 3rd Bridge

Is the usual bumpy with sandy patches, 1st and 2nd Bridges have been repaired for when the flood arrives.

3rd Bridge to Xakanaxa

Is the usual sandy road, 4th Bridge has been repaired (the old bridge) and the new one is still driveable although leaning a little to the left.

Xakanaxa to Khwai

Is dusty. At the river crossing there is a new road detouring around and is completely dry, this new road comes out almost directly opposite the entrance to Dombo Hippo Pools. The rest of the way from Dombo to Khwai is fine. You can also drive on the Flood Plains but be careful as the flood is arriving now and some roads could be under water.

Khwai to Savuti

From Khwai (North Gate) through the village the road is dry at the moment, but again be careful of the flood waters.  Head over the Concrete (White) Bridge and proceed to Mababe Gate. Once through Mababe Gate most people are going right at the fork, the old Depression road, the “New Road” which is left at the fork is getting sandy and very bumpy. Once at the sand ridge it is getting quite sandy with many vehicles getting stuck already, mostly driver error, wrong gearing. After the sand ridge the road is fine all the way to Savuti.

Savuti to Kasane

Around Savuti the Marsh is getting quite wet so be careful when driving along some of the old roads. From Savuti the road is fine, there are the usual sandy patches, but all is good. From Kachikau the road is tarred of course and is smooth driving; just keep an eye out for both wild and domestic animals running across the road to the river. Once at Ngoma Gate there is a new Game Scout (Very Strict) and he is checking all paper work before letting you through, even if you are taking the transit road he is still checking your camping and entrance vouchers from where you have been. From Ngoma Gate down along the river to Ihaha is a little bumpy and stoney but ok.

Sedudu Gate to Ihaha

I have avoided this section this year due to the ‘Congestion’ problems, most people have!! But now for the last month or so the river route has been under water so no-one can use it anyway!!!!! Any one camping at Ihaha and coming from Kasane has to take the NANTANGA turn off which is 20km on the tar road from Sedudu Gate or at Ngoma Gate.

Safe Driving!