Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Road Conditions Update Botswana August 2012

Road and Track Conditions - August 2012

Shorobe to South Gate:
Is still in a terrible state - it still has to be graded, plenty of corrugations and huge potholes.  Between Shorobe and Mawana Vet Fence, be very careful when cresting some of the little rises as on two of them there are major potholes on top, you can not see them until you are bouncing out of them, one is the width of the road and about 50 cm deep.  From the vet fence to South Gate it is still bumpy and corrugated, but a little better.

Mawana Vet Fence to Mababe Village:
Is also in a terrible state - Bad corrugations and big potholes and some washouts across the road from thelast rainy season, the excuse for not grading the road is that the grader is broken down.

South Gate to 3rd Bridge:
Is fine - the usual sandy patches here and there.  1st bridge has been rebuilt but you can still drive around it as the water hasn’t risen that high this year, 2nd bridge they have half-rebuilt and again you can drive around it as there is no water there. 3rd bridge has been repaired as it was broken last month and undrivable for about 2 weeks. It has been fixed and you can cross  it.

3rd bridge to Xakanaxa:
Is fine -no water crossings. 4th bridge has also been rebuilt as the new bridge was sinking on the one side.  It’s better to use the old bridge, three weeks ago the Game scouts were stripping the new bridge to try and repair it. After 4th bridge the road is fine and one still has to go via the airstrip to Xakanaxa.

South Gate to Xakanaxa:
The road is the normal sandy and dusty track.

South Gate to Khwai (North Gate):
Same as the Xakanaxa road, fine and dusty  -just watch out for the community vehicles flying up  and down the road.

Xakanaxa to Khwai:
The route is sandy in patches and dry. The river crossing is still there but there is also the dry route road
which detours around the river crossing and joins the road at the Dombo turn off.

Khwai to Mababe Gate:
After Khwai bridge the road is dry through the village, when the road does its 90 degree bend to the left and then onto the big crossing, enter the crossing and keep to the extreme far right all the way around, at the deepest it is up to a land-cruiser’s head lights. After the crossing head back to the gravel road and on to the White concrete bridge. After the bridge it is a little corrugated in places but mostly ok until Mababe Gate.

Mababe Gate to Savuti:
After Mababe Gate most people are going right at the fork along the Mababe Depression. After about 20 km the road forks again and most people are going left along the sand ridge route. Some people are going right at this fork, but I have heard it is very bumpy as the Elephants walked through here last rainy season, so many Potholes.

Savuti to Kachikau:
Is all ok - a little sandy here and there but nothing to worry about, From Kachikau of course is all tar, watch out for stray animals between Kachikau and Ngoma Gate.