Friday, 21 November 2014

New Dijara Campsite in Mababe - book at!

Monday, 17 November 2014

New Reservations Consultant

I'd like to introduce Mendy Bishop (formerly part of SKL camps).  Mendy has been training with me and will help with my Self drive bookings.    We'll both be working full time and will both be available on email and phone. 

Mendy Bishop : (Self drive bookings/availabilities etc)
Email : / Telephone +267 74952318.  
Skype is botswanafootprintsselfdrive  

Tara Flory : (Admin/Accounts/Agents/Safaris/Self drive etc)
Email : / Telephone +267 75106530
Skype is taraleegoosen

So if you can't get one person by email/phone - we have another available!  We have different cellphone networks - which will help you get hold of us by phone (as the cellphone networks here are terrible for International Calls!)  Our office hours are 9am to 4pm but we are available anytime for clients on the road.   We're more than likely on email during the evenings here and there as well.  
If you're driving through Maun and would like to meet, please let us know - we work between two offices (one just out of town and another in town) so we can make sure we're there when you come past.  Next year we'll have a permanent office in town for you to drop by. 

We're ready for your bookings and look forward to hearing from you/meeting you soon! 
Best regards, Botswana Footprints

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

August 2014 Track Conditions

August 2014 Track Conditions

 Shorobe to South Gate:
Corrugated and very bumpy.  From the vet fence to South Gate it is also bumpy with lots of corrugations.
Mawana Vet Fence to Mababe Village:
Corrugated, bumpy & Dusty
South Gate to 3rd Bridge:
Sandy and bumpy but no water to drive through. 1st and 2nd bridges are ok
3rd bridge to Xakanaxa:
Is fine, no water crossings.  
South Gate to Xakanaxa:
 The road is the normal sandy and bumpy route
South Gate to Khwai (North Gate):
Sandy and bumpy for the first 10km then just bumpy after that.
Xakanaxa to Khwai:
The sand patches are fine; all the puddles are now dry
Khwai to Mababe Gate:
The river crossing is still quite deep so most people are using the cutline down to Sankuyo village and then up to Mababe village, then onto Mababe gate.
Mababe Gate to Savuti:
The sand ridge road is the one to take as the sand is all fine now.
Savuti to Kachikau:
Is all ok, From Kachikau of course is all tar, watch out for stray animals between Kachikau and Ngoma Gate.

This is not the way to camp in the Kgalagadi!